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Interop 2022 did a lot to advance consistent, standards-compliant behavior among browsers. Check out this post for Safari/WebKit results on Interop 2022 (we went from last place to a near-perfect) and looks forward to the even more ambitious Interop 2023.

Iโ€™m so curious what web designers and developers think about Interop 2023!

What do you think of the new dashboard?

What do you think of the technology that was selected?

What do you think of how Interop 2022 worked out?

#interop2023 #webdevelopment

Press release: "W3C re-launched as a public-interest non-profit organization"
We continue our core process and mission to shepherd the web, developing open web standards with contributions from W3C Members, staff, and the international community
More at:

Have you ever heard of `:nth-child(n of <selector>)`?

Itโ€™s cool. It lets you count through `:nth` children for items with a particular class (or other selector). Hereโ€™s a demo:

And you can use `:nth-last-child(n of <selector>)` to count up from the bottom.

Itโ€™s been supported in Safari since 2015!

What might you use it for?

Trying out @ivory. Using Mastodon through the web has, UI-wise, felt like using Linux. Crowded layout, too many options. So I havenโ€™t switched from Twitter as much as Iโ€™d like. After a few minutes of use, Ivory is much more the experience Iโ€™m looking for.

To be clear, I think the problem is in the Mastodon web UI, not the web itself. I happily use Twitter via the web.

Did you know every year on Jan 28 is Data Privacy Day?

To mark the occasion this year, Apple created this video: ๐Ÿคฃ

Was yesterdayโ€™s news about Safari Technology Preview 161 not exciting enough? 

Well, now Safari Technology Preview 162 is available! 

It includes:
โ€ข CSS Nesting  
โ€ข CSS Margin Trim
โ€ข CSS Relative Color Syntax
โ€ข Declarative Shadow DOM
โ€ข ElementInternals
โ€ข Form-associated Custom Elements 
โ€ข Default ARIA for Custom Elements 
โ€ข Gamepad.vibrationActuator

And more!

Look at what Safari Technology Preview 161 includes!

โ€ข RegExp lookbehind
โ€ข OffscreenCanvas (2D)
โ€ข WASM SIMD on x64
โ€ข unprefixed Fullscreen API
โ€ข CSS Custom Properties (@property)
โ€ข CSS Typed OM
โ€ข more pseudo-classes work inside :has()
โ€ข :user-invalid & :user-valid
โ€ข Web Animations improvements

And a *lot* more. Click through to read the whole list!

(Shipped Jan 12; original release notes didnโ€™t list everything.)

Still, it's great that we have such a significant shared body for principles on how the web platform should evolve. And on a higher level, I'd also cite the Ethical Web Principles:

And the Privacy Principles:

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Some of these directly inspired the W3C Technical Architecture Group's Web Platform Design Principles, which are applied when the TAG reviews proposed web standards.

It's more comprehensive, but IMO less well-written - a bit too verbose & bureaucratic.

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HTML Design Principles is one of the things I'm most proud of writing (along with co-editor
and its other contributors). Some of these principles have so won the day in web standards that it's hard to believe they were once controversial. For example, there used to be a major constituency _against_ supporting existing web content.

Two requests were filed yesterday in the criminal case against Sam Bankman-Fried, asking the court to unseal the names of SBF's non-family bail sureties.

One was filed by CoinDesk, another by a group of Media companies incl. the AP, Bloomberg, the FT, CNBC, Reuters, etc.

Sometimes I see people making confident claims about the decision-making process inside companies Iโ€™ve never worked at, and I have no way to know better so I assume they are right.

Then I see them making confident and totally wrong assertions about how Apple works and make decisions. And I wonder if I should put any stock in the rest of it.

Itโ€™s wild to me that old captchas can now be solved using tech build into every iPhone.

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