I can't remember the last time a new HTML element came along. Yesterday, <search> shipped in Safari 17.0 (the first browser with support).

You can start using it to build websites TODAY, even when most of your users still don't have support. We explain why & how at the beginning of this article: webkit.org/blog/14445/webkit-f
<form action="/search">
<p><input type="search" name="q"> <input type="submit" value="Search!"></p>

In the world of images & video, Safari 17.0 includes:
- the `image-set()` arguments `resolution` and `type`.
- AV1 on devices with hardware support
- Managed Media Source API (better MSE)
- an overlay for `<video>` that shows media player stats (for developers)

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@Cameo As decades are to men, milennia are to elves. Maybe in 1000 years, beardelf will be the hot new look in Lothlorien?

@Cameo Fashion in menโ€™s facial hair changes a lot, and sometimes going along with prevailing fashion is important, or at least a good option to have. In the decades Iโ€™ve been alive, the fashion has been moustache or sideburns (70s) clean shaven or maybe moustache (80s), chin whiskers only (90s), clean shaven again (00s), fiddly hipster moustache or chin strap (10s) and full beard (20s). And yeah there has always been room for variation but there can be value to going with the flow.

@Cameo @josh Not just you. I think on average men enjoy their own beards more than their partners enjoy their beards. (Exceptions exist of course.)

@louisrcouture @Cameo Can you give an example of the kind of thing you have in mind? If you mean HTML <textarea> elements being resizable, they are by default in WebKit and I think we had that feature first.

@rgadellaa @jensimmons Sure file, but if possible check if the spec says what should happen in case of a transition and an animation both applying to the same element. Itโ€™s possible that we have a bug, or that Chrome and Firefox have a bug, or that the spec leaves it undefined, which would be a spec bug.

You can now download the visionOS SDK: developer.apple.com/news/?id=8

Learn how to test your website in the visionOS simulator by watching โ€œRediscover Safari developer featuresโ€ from WWDC23:

If you have a pet, please get pet insurance if you don't have lots of disposable cash in case of an emergency. I pay $63 a month for Truth (5 y/o), and $155 a month for strange (12 y/o). Truth had a medical emergency last night, and Trupanion covered 17k without fuss. Absolutely worth it. Happy to answer any questions. refer.trupanion.com/cameow-2

Lots of people would like to see Safari's web developer tools grow and improve. Want to join the WebKit Developer Experience team and be their hero? Experience in both web development and C/C++/ObjC preferred.

Apply online or DM me with questions. jobs.apple.com/en-us/details/2

Rediscover Safari developer features at #WWDC23

We've made it super easy to connect Web Inspector on Mac to an iPhone or iPad, or jump into a free device simulator (including soon, Vision Pro). Redesigned Developer menu, Responsive Design Mode and more.


@jgleman they are totally real but one is old and mostly dead and the other is kind of a meme genre (but also awesome and totally valid).

Please reroot: this cute kitten was left by his feral momma at Apple Park, and is ready for adoption. Please share, and letโ€™s get this dude a home! petfinder.com/cat/pippin-apple

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