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Lots of old and new friends around here now. Have a nice weekend all! I'm gonna find some time to hack on LTL stuff.

Quickstrom 0.5.0 is released! 🎉

It’s an entirely new implementation, with a new specification language (Specstrom) and underlying logic (QuickLTL). Browser testing reimagined!

Docs: docs.quickstrom.io/en/0.5.0/

Source: github.com/quickstrom/quickstr

I know I'm annoying. It's just been so quiet for so long. I've mostly focused on research and applying it in work situations. This release feels scary but I'm really looking forward to it getting even more industry usage (hopefully!)

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New Quickstrom release is SO CLOSE.

Seeing only content from people I follow is a strange thing to be excited about, but damn it's good.

building python3.10-mypy-0.812 (buildPhase)

So yeah, 30 minutes later I’m growing kind of tired of this…

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I wrote a nano tool that tries to extract the #Fediverse accounts of your #Twitter followings: fedifinder.glitch.me/

It searches for the patterns @user@host.tld, user@host.tld and host.tld/@user in the screen name, description, location and URL field. It displays them to you in the correct format for easy copying as well as a CSV download that can be imported to #Mastodon.

Known issue: Mail addresses are included as false positives because people write their handle without a leading @: name@host.tld

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I like it here. It feels reminiscent of the old internet. Just people coming together without companies injecting themselves in the middle of things. No timeline algorithm, no ads. Nobody is trying to make money off of this. I love it.

I'm ridiculously excited about the upcoming release of new Quickstrom. Some docs and tutorial to rewrite, then it's probably good to go.

Giving colima a good try before pulling remaining hair out.

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Hello x86 docker on aarch64 macOS my old friend.

Moved my account. Mastodon.social was extremely slow and flaky.

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