Reliance Industries becomes first Indian company to hit the market capitalization of Rs. 10 Lakh Crore.

Today Supriya Sule welcomed Ajit Pawar as if he never ditched the party ideology. People have impression that Ajit Pawar entered into alliance, Got cleared the cases and then left. This is fully fake news as the attachment clearly states the inquiries are going on and those 9 cases which are closed does not belong to Mr.Ajit Pawar. Let's see how long this THUG sarkar exists.

People of Maharashtra voted for the alliance of BJP and SS and Devendra Fadnavis as CM for 5 years. Shiv Sena is a coward. They have cheated the people's mandate and did betrayal.

Justice S A Bobde was sworn in as the 47th Chief Justice of India on Monday morning at a function held at Rasthrapathi Bhavan.
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Good Afternoon Tootles, Have a great Sunday.

Do not make friendship with liars.

Hazrat Ali

Stay away from hypocrites and do not befriend the treacherous.

Hazrat Ali

A wise man will correct himself when proven wrong while the ignorant will keep arguing.

Hazrat Ali

The greatest shame is to mock at something that you have in yourself.

Hazrat Ali

What you look for, determines your character

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