current mood: is chess psyscholoica expaiableabe fro te 220 election the trump iws aht ahd bdien wi black what move do you think well he naext

so trump base plans to convert all dems to trump support like the christains isnt that abit ironic

my parthers names is flower
so our ship is flowerxshadowhooves

@pendragon Cool, digging the new name.

By the way when you change your name followers will still follow your account and see your posts. So no need to update your followers just so ya know.
this is really relevent i was dating a nigerian some people thought she was scammer just because of her race racial basing needs to step off please and thnkyou from this pony for everypony

just i heads up do not use the listed username i am now shadow hooves my ponysona.

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