🎵💃 🎶 It turns out that when it comes to dancing it really is all about that bass. This week co-editor @Catrina_Hacker writes about the link between the bass component of music, enjoyment, and our compulsion to dance in her post “The case for turning up the bass”.

❓ What kind of music do you like to listen to? Do you enjoy music with heavy bass?


@pennNeuroKnow @Catrina_Hacker

I love this stuff. There's lots we already know...
— muscle innervates slowly
— slow-wave resonance enables active sensing
— beat extraction means entrainment means prediction/experience
— reminds of how experiencing large-scale slow-wave rhythms in nature strums a primordial chord and “moves” us, e.g., resonating sound of surf-crashing waves, undulating fields of grass in the wind

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