🎶 Meet @Catrina_Hacker, author of this week’s article “The case for turning up the bass” about the link between the bass component of music, enjoyment, and our compulsion to dance. Catrina is a 4th year PhD candidate in Penn's Neuroscience Graduate Group studying how we remember what we see.

🧠 Catrina has always been fascinated by how we fit our entire world into one organ: the brain. This week's post applies her passion for neuroscience to her passion for music by exploring how our brains go beyond sound when building our experience of music.

📚 🚲 🎲 When she’s not busy using her brain to understand the brain, she also loves reading mysteries and science fiction, long walks and bike rides, and playing board games with friends.

Check out her latest post here: pennneuroknow.com/2023/01/31/t

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