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@kyzh why even have a Mastodon instance.

@red the term PoC is stupid. also who gives a fuck about how someone looks when your mostly just chatting. and how would you even know who is PoC when interaction is mostly by text . it seems more racist to just follow poeple based on there color.

@kashi well the whole god thing can go on to infininety you can't really prove a negative. but with most things you can tell if poeple are deluding themselfs unles you want go so far that it bcomes ridiculous. of course there is a difference in hoping to get new friends or hoping god is real the diffrence is very obvious. one you might actually get the other probably not. you might say fantasy and reality.

@kashi yes but hope can be based in reality or in fantasy. yes good conversation. see you later.

@kashi the whole believe in god thing or someting similar is not that difficult to imagine. or that poeple do it to feel better about dying. i just learnd that deluding yourself is even worse

@kashi i understand hope maybe better then you think. you see no difference with hoping for that or hoping immortality is real or hoping god is real. i see a big diffrence. i value hoping for what you said a whole lot more then hoping immortality is real or hoping god is real i dont value that at all.

@kashi i to take life very seriously as in reality. just not believe or religion or gods

@kashi a fantasy can never be real hope because its fantasy its based on a lie the fantasy. its based on a delusion.

@kashi no never it always seemd wrong to take any of it to seriously. and i get suspicious of big cleams by humans and thats the biggest cleam of them all

@kashi like i said before its not a believe in the non existence of god its the absens of a believe in a god

@kashi and im saying its not necessary to be happy there is no need for it. reality is more fulfilling because its reality. no need for active need for fantaisie.

@kashi and i was saying from psychological point of view it all comes down to subjectivety believe can be as brought or narrow as you want. as in just believing in imortalety makes you happy or gives you hope or actualy have whole religion . or just saying that actively believing in a god is not necessary to be happy or have hope from psychological point of view or that you could do without the whole concept of god or religion.

@kashi the whole point of this is that you can make believe as brought or narrow as you want thats why it all just comes down to subjectivety if its not really about god or religion.

@kashi i do not need anyone to believe anything i say im saying what i think

@kashi yes i get that someone can be happy by thinking immortality is real or god or any of that stuff. thats why i said god is like a placibo. i would just find it more importent to be happy with reality i would say thats more fulfilling.

@kashi well that whole immortalety part is just a want its wanthing it to be true. and why would that be true and not all that other god stuff.why not believe in the gods that are not popular anymore its chery picking what you want to be true. i have my favorite god stories but i can never get my self to believe in any of it i just like some more then others.

@kashi a fiction book is a book full of fiction or semi fiction. as in somone made it up. thats the opposite of facts and reality. what i believe is that its useless its fantasy its wanting something to be true just because you want it to be true. and that would not work in any other circumstance. mostly i just have no use for it in any way. only in fantasy.

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