New article on my blog: Kubuntu Linux 19.10 for a digital painting workstation: Reasons and Install guide:
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Question: Why do you prefer Kubuntu over Ubuntu Studio?

(Wouldn't mind a ubuntu studio review from you BTW!)

@ChrisTalleras Hey Chris! The answer is on the 'Reasons' of the article. Matching them on any XFCE based distro is not possible at the moment 'out-of-box' (GUI for tablet, thumbnails...) of course it can be done with a bit more of DIY, but this guide is to advice the most comfortable and adapted solution for visual content creators.

@davidrevoy Very nice and informative article! One Q: Is that tablet setings GUI part of KDE or a (k)Ubuntu extra?

@sproid @davidrevoy Yes, thx, i figured. This alone is worth switching DE. And a donation. :)


@hil @sproid @davidrevoy

Note that for the Wacom KCM (module for System Settings) you may need an additional package depending on the distro and that not every distro packages it

@post Yes, i found kcm-wacomtablet-git package in the AUR, which will install everything i need. (Manjaro) . Thanks!

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