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Question about the Trichinella spiralis lifecycle. Specifically: when larval cells are released by females in the intestines, how do they make their way to muscle tissue and encyst there? Is this totally a passive process, or are their catalysts that trigger behavioral responses?

A record that I worked on over the last year, and which is very dear to my heart, is out in the world today! #newMusic

Dad Songs is the second album of goofy, sweet, bizarre indie-pop singalong anthems by The Small Dinosaurs. It's about being a dad and part of a family — with heartfelt songs about favorite foods, cat friends, and going into labor. p/r/m/m by me!

Available anywhere you stream music, including Bandcamp. I hope you love it 🖤

here's a mixing idea that you probably should not use very much if at all: put a cassette tape emulation on the master bus and crank the wow and flutter a bit

won't lie, i'm proud of this one 😂🏆 check out how the guitar is barely hanging together in the solo!

I read an earlier draft of this paper by Francisco Gil-White a few years ago and found it to be a very insightful critique of modern academic institutions. I haven't read the new version, but I imagine it's only gotten better.

As promised, here's the full album, out today. DAD SONGS is 13 indie/garage/art-rock songs about the milieu of fatherhood. Enjoy.

All the socials! Now additionally trying out bluesky, we'll see how it goes.

I’ve finished Abram’s new book on competition. It is rewarding but hard. The most revealing passage is on page 288 after 100’s of pages of math. Abrams asks:

“Why have the aspects of [competition theory] been ignored?... A scientific approach to this question… is not possible, [but it may involve] the economics and sociology of the research environment.”

Makes me wonder if us theory folks need to focus less on the math and much more on the "economics and sociology of research environment".

This is the funniest thing I've read in ages. Also, mastodon is going to lose to bluesky because of lack of quotetweets

Now out in Perspectives on Psychological Science, our discussion on how changing the reward structure to reward the group, instead of individuals, might lead to better science.

Sociologists: Apply to work with me at McGill Sociology!

We are hiring TWO tenure-track lines this year, one in social demography and one in qualitative methods. I can't say enough good things about the department, and Montreal is an unbeatable place to live.



#sociology #sociologie #socjobs #academicjobs @sociology

Fantastic explainer on LLMss from Timothy B. Lee (@timlee) and Sean Trott.

Highly recommend it if you want something that doesn't assume much technical expertise, but goes well beyond "LLMs just predict the next word".

It seems like Mastodon could use some more whimsy. To remedy that, here's a new song from my band. It's called Muffins, and it's about muffins.

☢️ a couple music-related posts

second one: "muffins," the first single from the new album by the small dinosaurs — the brainchild of @psmaldino

what it is: absurdist indie rock. think: jonathan richman, early talking heads, etc. i think of it as children's music for adults

this song is literally about muffins

my involvement: produced / engineered / mixed / mastered

the whole record is 🏆

how good is this single artwork?

It seems like Mastodon could use some more whimsy. To remedy that, here's a new song from my band. It's called Muffins, and it's about muffins.

Rate Limit Exceeded would be a great album title. Alas, I’m not in a band anymore.

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