I can’t stop thinking about something @pluralistic said to @adamconover in this one-minute video clip.

To paraphrase, optimism and pessimism are both rooted in fatalism, because they presume that nothing we do matters.

Instead we choose Hope. We do things to make life better at every opportunity, to move toward the world we Hope to see, and what we do matters whether it lines up with a big-picture plan or not. We move forward in Hope, and then we see new ways to move forward in Hope, and then we do it again and again.

What else can we do?

@pwinn @pluralistic @adamconover love hearing Doctorow talk about Ada Palmer too, anyone who has not read Terra Ignota, please do, so good!

@jtrobec @pluralistic @adamconover That series is so great!

I guess I should watch the entire video, not just the clip. 😃

@pluralistic @adamconover
Is the glass half full or half empty? It doesn't matter if you stop and fill it.

@pwinn @pluralistic @adamconover



Rule of the few to subjugate the many
Such scarcity here in the land of plenty
Look at them shifting policies, what hypocrisy!
Look at the shares going up for Lockheed
It all goes to just a tiny fraction
It all goes to just a tiny fraction of the population

#Music #PoliticalMusic

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