If you’re trying to find music that is engaging without being disruptive, music you can play during creative work that won’t take you out of your flow state, I highly recommend music in a language you don’t understand.

I stumbled on this album thanks to @cambraca earlier this week, and it turns out Korean shoegaze is exactly the genre I needed, and Parannoul is exactly the band to give it to me. I have no idea what they’re saying, because I refuse to click the links on the Bandcamp site to show me the English translation of the lyrics. The tone and energy of the music is all I want to know right now. I mean, the first song is called 아​름​다​운 세상, which I’m told means “Beautiful World.” That’s fine, that’s all the info I need.

It’s been my background music during work, my driving music, and I’ve sent this link to a few people already. Now I pass it along to all of you. Happy Friday! Spend your weekend enjoying this excellent Korean shoegaze album from 2021, and maybe next week I’ll check out one of the two albums they’ve put out since–or maybe not.

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