I like to see how long post-Thanksgiving I can avoid hearing Last Christmas. Unfortunately this year, 1 day, although it was a cover - don't know whether to count that, it hasn't happened before.

This means I advance to the next stage, avoiding . So far so good.

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Unfortunately I already heard the third stage song, , thanks no thanks .

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@waded your game is way more complicated than ours. We just have "Whamageddon" : aiming to avoid Last Christmas. I like yours, though... How many levels & which songs?

@raymondlesley Whamageddon, I like it!

I think I'm going to reset - I don't think covers should count. They don't earbug as hard as the original. What are your rules on that one?

There's only one more, that Transiberian Orchestra song. I think we've only had to resort to avoiding that once, we had a satellite radio trial and a road trip and made bad choices.


@waded that's new one on me; Transiberian Orchestra don't get played in the UK afaik.

I agree that covers don't count, though.

Good luck!

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