This week on Serious Trouble: long sentences in January 6 cases, a questionable new RICO case against protestors in Georgia, Ken Chesebro and Sydney Powell are not mutual admirers, Donald Trump loses more in the E. Jean Carroll case, and Elon Musk yells about defamation and Jews.

This week on Serious Trouble, a deep dive into the law allowing federal officers to remove state cases to federal court, and …. Wait? Where are you going? COME BACK HERE YOUY COWARDS

Moon over Mt Nebo, the Arkansas River and towboat with a string of barges headed downriver.

ICYMI: Josh and I turned around an episode on the Georgia RICO indictment in less than 24 hours and I think it’s one of our better ones. Very good guest appearance by Andrew Fleischman, who brings his knowledge as a Georgia defense and appellate attorney.

As promised, TWO SERIOUS TROUBLES AT THE SAME TIME -- this second episode of the day addresses the Georgia RICO indictment. Why is it weird? Why is Georgia's RICO weird? What's going to happen? Josh, Ken, and guest Georgia attorney Andrew Fleischman explore it.

He gets a New York charge, he gets a Florida charge
He gets a DC charge, he gets a Georgia charge
He enters the pleas that remind him of the good times
He enters the pleas that remind him of the better times

On Serious Trouble, we’ve got Judge Chutkan and restrictions on Trump’s use of discovery, Twitter sanctioned for resisting a subpoena for Trump’s data, SBF jailed, Rudy Giuliani spelling and thinking badly, and rich little shits misbehaving. BUT we’re recording another episode today about Georgia!

Good news: Infamous quack Sherri Tenpenny, who was spreading disinformation about #autism and #vaccines for years before she started lying about #COVID19 and cell phone towers, has finally had her medical license suspended.

Every time I read an FBI affidavit I want to travel to Quantico, find the agent who teaches affidavit writing and style, get to know them, develop a relationship of friendship and trust, take them on a drunk weekend, share my own mental health journey, and talk them into getting the help they need.

This week on Serious Trouble: protective orders, gag orders, intemperate judicial orders, and other Trump indictment developments; Ken is agitated over bad reporting on criminal issues as usual; Josh is super excited about a Harvard research misconduct defamation case.

Okay. The folding chair meme is amusing. But society has rules. You can’t just go around beating racist bullies with chairs, firmly grasping two different points of the chair and rotating at the waist during the follow-through

Long before they became recently known for sucking Toys R Us dry, KKR drained what was then RJR Nabisco. Now @pluralistic explains how those vampire barbarians are at the publisher's gate:

Just recorded a super-long Serious Trouble episode covering Trump in DC, Trump in Florida, and many of my grievances about Trumpist propaganda and Resistance griftism.

Also, Josh talking about Harvard social science data misinterpretation is clearly in his happy place.

Greenbrier legislator's wife targets Little Free Libraries' content
Censors are coming for Faulkner County's Little Free Libraries.

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