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Context: from an article explaining that this woman — who objected to a poem read at Biden’s inauguration being available in the school library - also “accidentally” posted stuff about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

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... as measured before and after the pandemic. In the top bar graph EM docs were tied for SECOND place with Peds and Ortho for happiest specialty. But after surviving the work of the pandemic EM docs' job satisfaction fell to a tie for third LAST place.

This week on Serious Trouble: both lawsuits against Rudy are kind of sus, Trump and the documents case may be developing, EJC makes another defamation claim.

Lois Lane: Come with me to the Bitcoin gala?

Clark Kent: Okay

Lois: Great! You’re going to love Crypto Night

Clark: *sweating* gonna love what now

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