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2. Today I drove Missy by herself on a historic Doctor's buggy, restored to fully usable.
I needed to return a library book no later than tomorrow, so this was a real errand.
Last week I was running a load of recycle.
I sit out here, five miles from town, and I think, ten mile round trip on gasoline - high mileage vehicle and driving style, but still gasoline - or ten mile round trip in a donkey cart?

Looking at the six co-conspirators, only one — Kenneth Chesebro - went to Harvard or Yale Law. This is disappointing. In this great nation’s history and culture, Harvard and Yale have played prominent and indispensable roles in destroying the Republic. Letting me down here.

Yes, two went to Georgetown Law. Nice work Georgetown. Way to get on the board! It’s a good start but see if you can start a few wars or overthrow something and get back to us.

My post about the latest Trump indictment and about how people -- specifically the National Review -- are lying to you about it.

Just a reminder that two prominent Federalist Society members wanted to overthrow the government by fraud and then have the government murder you if you objected.

Eat that with your fuckin’ Chick-fil-A sack lunch.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not physicians need a union, read this article. The degree to which emergency physicians are getting fucked over by private equity right now is staggering.

The emergent episode of Serious Trouble is recorded and, thanks to the hard work of Sara Fay, should be available late tonight or early tomorrow.

Benzie, the puppies Penn & Teller and I are now on Bluesky....

This week on Serious Trouble: we redid the podcast to handle the late-breaking Superseding Indictment, plus Hunter Biden drama, Rudy, and SBF.

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