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Reminder: Our clues about what is happening are coming from witnesses and Trump.

Not all the witnesses are talking: The ones talking are the ones who are defending Trump so we have a distorted view.

There are signs that an indictment is "imminent" but that doesn't mean this week or tomorrow.

Cartoon from February (!!) attached.

Fact: We don't know.

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Conservative parents are like "Yes my child is totally straight, I just need to shield their sensitive eyes from any books and/or rainbows because I know for a fact that will immediately turn them gay. The kid is straight as an arrow though."

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“A former intelligence official turned whistleblower has given Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General extensive classified information about deeply covert programs that he says possess retrieved intact and partially intact craft of non-human origin,” reports The Debrief. #ufo #uap #aliens

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@harald @gutenberg_org you don’t have to feel bad. We have a lot of nice people here too. Not everyone spends all their time telling others how they are wrong.

You joined a Mastodon instance and you did in fact join Mastodon.

There is more to the Fediverse than mastodon, but that’s ok. We love that you joined us. It’s great having you here.

That’s much more important than figuring out intricacies of protocols or underlying technologies.

Welcome! Have fun. Spread the word about all the good things you do.

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Whether you're a life-long #Friends fan (like me!) or just interested in the peeking behind-the-scenes, it's hard not to be thoroughly impressed to see what it takes to make a #TV sitcom from start to finish.
Especially in a time like now (with the #WritersStrike), it's clear to see how essential writers are to many aspects of entertainment & how they shape the shows you know & love (...even right up to the day of filming! 😅)

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Heads up 99%.

Whenever someone from a think tank talks about “the economy”, mentally insert the words “rich people’s yacht money” into the sentence.

We can’t provide free healthcare, because it might harm rich people’s yacht money.

Nurses are going to have to feed themselves from food banks in order to protect rich people’s yacht money.

We’ve decided to let kids work in slaughter houses to help boost rich people’s yacht money.

It works every time. Give it a try.


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🚨🚨🚨BOOM: AOC DESTROYS Kevin McCarthy for the holding the national debt hostage and for suggesting Washington needs to “spend less.”

“Ok, then undo the yacht and private jet tax breaks the GOP passed for themselves,” AOC retorted.

“Why should single moms and veterans have to pay for the GOP’s giveaways to the rich?

Especially when you don’t even have the votes of your own caucus?” She added.

Let’s get this straight:

The Republicans want nothing more than to pretend that the debt ceiling needs to be lifted to accommodate next year's budget. They frame it that way relentlessly, and sad to say, lazy journalists buy into their framing. The debt ceiling needs to be raised to pay for all the spending the Republicans authorized in 2017 when they gave away a substantial chunk of the Treasury to their rich pals.

So now the time comes that we need to pay the country's bills incurred in the last several years and now coming due. But we're a little short on cash since we gave rich people more money, so now it's time for disabled and retired citizens to pungle up, and single mothers living close to the bone have to forego SNAP benefits. Because Kevin McCarthy couldn't possibly ask
mega billionaires to pay more.

The middle class should no longer carry the majority of the tax burden and the tax breaks for the rich. Let them pay their fair share for a change.

Now, McCarthy is trying to shift blame to DEMOCRATS.

We know who’s FAULT this.

If you want to help send that message, please RT and use the hashtag:


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My favorite bible quote is where Jesus said "Make the little children suffer," or something like that.


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If maintaining a well-regulated militia means anyone can own a mass-murder machine, why shouldn’t wetlands-protection legislation mean anyone can kill the planet, Supreme Court rules, with what experts are calling impeccable logic.

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Exhausted by the hate and repression in the autocratic former Confederacy? Want to smile ear-to-ear? Read this about the huge news out of the state of Minnesota. Let it be a model for others.

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Oh, no, not more from the Fascist Fashion beat. Just stop, Times. Stop.
The Strategic Fashioning of Casey DeSantis

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Via John Pavlovitz:

The political Right in American is the worst kind of drag show: that of hateful, heartless bigots pretending to be Christian. They are self-identified disciples of Jesus with no have interest in his empathy, generosity, or love.
#fascism #bigotry #LGBTQ

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Via Scott MacFarlane:

Pre-sentencing hearings begin TODAY in seditious conspiracy case of Stewart Rhodes

Victim impact statements will be heard by judge.

Justice Dept is going to try to secure a 25-year prison sentence against Stewart Rhodes #legal

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if you’re an orca still in line to sink a large ship, STAY IN LINE

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