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This is Vladimir Herzog, a Jewish immigrant to Brazil who fled anti-Semitism in Croatia during WW2 & became a prominent journalist. 45 years ago today, he was murdered by the US/UK-supported military regime, which then released a fabricated photo to claim he committed suicide. 

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The new @sagemath release 9.2 is out! Get the source code from github.com/sagemath/sage

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Postdoctoral positions available @ictpSA in quantum field theory/string theory. ictp-saifr.org/postdoctoral/

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Menina Ciência • Ciência Menina é um evento gratuito destinado a meninas em fase escolar. O Curso é composto por palestras e atividades práticas em laboratório e é realizado pela Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC).

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Yesterday morning I captured an incredibly brief and rare event, the ISS transiting the 4% illuminated moon during the daytime.

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Two postdoc openings in my group in EPFL in Lausanne. Come to work with us to understand deep learning using statistical physics. More details: artax.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~zdeb Share with others to spread the word and inquire if interested.

Próxima quarta-feira 14/10 às 19h de Brasília. Conversa com o Grupo de Pesquisa em Física e Ensino de Física (GPFEF) da Universidade do Estado do Pará - @uepa_pa. Falaremos sobre o prêmio nobel em física deste ano.


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Looking forward to the upcoming @sagemath 9.2 release. The first release candidate, 9.2.rc0, has just been tagged! The new version expands its support of 3 to versions 3.6 through 3.9 and brings major package updates and many new features. wiki.sagemath.org/ReleaseTours

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