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ROFL, what a hilariously vague error message.

"Hey, the driver you've chosen MIGHT be better, but we're gonna keep trying to install the one WE'VE chosen anyway. We know what's best for you! What? No, we're not telling you WHICH driver!"

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New paper: The 2nd slowest pulsar, 12.1 sec spin period, discovered by the SUPERB radio survey, near the pulsar death-line, close to other known X-ray emitting isolated neutron stars...But no X-ray are seen from this one in NICER or Swift observations. It remains a mystery :-) twitter.com/arXiver/status/118

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Scholars are dangerous. People who think freely are dangerous. Every despot, and aspiring despot, knows this. Find the person who seeks to silence scholars, and you will find the person who seeks to put you in chains.

I am using the Internet fast lane by installing app. It's free and protects me from Internet spies! warp.plus/74iY2

Facebook et WhatApp seront obligés de divulguer le contenu des messages chiffrés de leurs utilisateurs à la police britannique en vertu d'un nouvel accord signé avec les États-Unis


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Most accurate horoscope yet...

#Brazilian climate scientist Alexandre Costa speaks about the need for climate change to be treated as an emergency by the world's governments. #ClimateAction #ClimateChange

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When you finish a PhD in ANY FIELD they take you into a special room & tell you that, actually, there aren’t very many academic jobs available.

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Viva a burrice autoritária dos ressentidos. Morte nas estradas. twitter.com/oglobopolitica/sta

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When you finish a PhD in astrophysics they take you into a special room & tell you that Nibiru is real, cosmic rays are really exhaust from alien spacecraft and machine learning is an academic branch of Skynet.

I am posting this at great physical risk to myself and my family. twitter.com/orzelc/status/1175


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Gato ganha @ministro_Og@twitter.comireito de circular livremente por galeria no Rio uol.page.link/HVTqd

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Jair Bolsonaro and Brazil’s army are reviving an old dream of the dictatorship to bring industry, mining, and settlers to the Amazon.

Documents obtained by The Intercept flesh out the military’s plan. interc.pt/30zWMXc

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GNOME 3.34 can now be found in the Arch Linux repositories! This is great news for Arch users everwhere 👍

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