Por isso tirou meu chapéu para pessoal que tira tempo e faz divulgação científica, precisa estudar, editar e ter paciência tendendo ao infinito. E alguns fazem isso no tempo livre, já que não pagos diretamente para isso, é muito esforço...
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Um dos motivos que eu parei de fazer divulgação científica (na internet, por enquanto). Meu tempo e minha energia se acabam muito quando leio "descansa cientista" ou algo pareci…

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A lot of folks making this super important point. The people in Social Dilemma were happy to take their corporate paychecks for years and now are draining money, attention, and resources from the people who have been and remain quite vocal on the issues. And were ignored. twitter.com/mozilla/status/130

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Our best estimate is that 0.5% to 1% of all infections for this virus die, that would be anywhere from 1.23 million to 2.46 million deaths. A herd immunity policy is particularly dangerous for communities of color and without vaccines is mass murder.

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uMatrix's repository has been archived and development has been discontinued:


"Whoever is free to fork under a new name -- I may re-open and resume development in some future if ever I feel for it."

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court for nearly three decades.

The second of only four women to ever serve on the court, she was a powerful advocate for the advancement of gender equality and women's rights. w.wiki/chQ (1/2)

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Applying to Biology or Biomedical PhD programs this fall? Be sure to check out this list of almost 350 programs that do NOT require the GRE! biogre.info

Análise de inteligência precisa fazer nesse povo do governo.
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Olha o nível de amadorismo do vice rei da Amazônia...

É claro q é público! A CIÊNCIA não é feita nas sombras nem em casernas fechadas!

Somos governados por idiotas.


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PET Física, da @unb_oficial, promove Semana da Física. Programação é gratuita e online. Inscrições e detalhes em semanadafisica.com

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There are literally thousands of scientists and groups on this very website offering the information he wants. It takes almost no effort to find reliable sources on here who will patiently explain the problems and their potential solutions, even to internet ignoramus Ben Shapiro. twitter.com/benshapiro/status/

The ecological impact of high-performance computing in astrophysics | Nature Astronomy

Isso que sinto falta da Italia, la na universidade em cada canto de qualquer corredor tinha uma maquina de cafe, bastava ter a moedinhas e voila.

Secretaria fechada (cafe la dentro), starburcks mudou de lugar e eu quase dormindo sentado na minha sala ><
quase indo pra casa so para tomar cafe...

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The authors of the paper, the journal and RAS didn't over-sell this in my opinion, but lots of news outlets will run with "life on Venus" (see thread post 4/7 about weighting!).

This is totally worth our attention and a mission. We need to get a balloon probe over there! 7/7

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...pressures are the same as Earth at sea level, but 90% of the environment is ACID! If anything is living there, it's very strong.

If I assigned a % to cloud-life on Venus I'd give it a 10% chance. Seems low but that's very high from me: I'm pessimistic about these things. 6/7

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...finding life elsewhere in the universe would be one of the most profound world-changing things. Any fragment of hope, any hint of life, must be tracked down with dogged determination!

The Phosphine was found at ~50km above the surface of Venus, temperatures are 20°C... 5/7

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By process of elimination, two unknowns remain
1. there are unknown chemical or physical processes at Venus capable of producing Phosphine
2. life is producing Phosphine because it does on Earth

Most people aren't giving these two equal weight, but that's okay... 4/7

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Another production mechanism for Phosphine, they write, is: "by analogy with biological production of phosphine on Earth [...] from the presence of life." 3/7

That's the coolest line of text I've read in a paper in years!

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Once Phosphine was found they wanted to know where it came from, what chemical reaction chain led to its production? After including everything we *currently* know about the chemistry & physics on Venus in models of the atmosphere, they were unable to find a way to make it. 2/7

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So, do the clouds of Venus harbour life?

The paper released today reports the discovery of Phosphine at Venus. Phosphine can be produced *by life* as on Earth or *without life* as in the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn (found in 1970s). 1/7
Image: JAXA/ISAS/DARTS/Damia Bouic

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