If you’ve come to directly from , as I have, and you used to use meshgrid in MATLAB, you possibly use it in exactly the same way in Python?

I did for a very long time…

But Python has more options which can save you execution time and memory

Here’s my exploration of ’s and other related functions


Since moving from to all those years ago, I had used meshgrid() the “non-ideal” way for so long–it was just habit from many years of using it in MATLAB

But now I know better, and my memory usage will be happy in so many cases!!


@s_gruppetta your python coding book ist the best I ever read about coding ! Thank 🙏🏼you so much 🙏🏼for the free version online. So many things I finally understand - you did an amazing job!

@2mamili Thank you! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it and found it useful

It’s designed and written to be a friendly and relaxed approach to learning and while still being thorough, of course.

Let me plug it here by putting the link for anyone else in an early or intermediate stage of learning , especially those going down some sort of data analysis or scientific programming route:


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