Have you used subplot_mosaic() in ’s yet?

Or are you a dinosaur like me and still use older functions? After all, subplot_mosaic() was only introduced in 2020 in version 3.3

Recently, I decided to finally explore subplot_mosaic() and I know I’ll never go back to whatever I did before to plot these types of figures!


Here’s the code for the plot in the previous post - put in your own image file, of course!

You can get the text from the images’s ALT text

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Well, the code was too long for the ALT text, so here's the code pasted here:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

image = plt.imread("gardens.jpeg")

# Create a figure using a 4x4 array.
# The "." indicates an empty space in the grid
fig, ax = plt.subplot_mosaic(
[["Colour", "Colour", "Colour", "Hist Red"],
["Colour", "Colour", "Colour", "Hist Green"],
["Colour", "Colour", "Colour", "Hist Blue"],
["Red", "Green", "Blue", "."]]


# Plot histograms for red, green, and blue channels
ax["Hist Red"].hist(image[:, :, 0].ravel(), bins=50, color="red")
ax["Hist Red"].axis("off")
ax["Hist Green"].hist(image[:, :, 1].ravel(), bins=50, color="green")
ax["Hist Green"].axis("off")
ax["Hist Blue"].hist(image[:, :, 2].ravel(), bins=50, color="blue")
ax["Hist Blue"].axis("off")

# Extract red, green, and blue channels from image
image_red = image.copy()
image_red[:, :, 1:] = 0
image_green = image.copy()
image_green[:, :, 0] = 0
image_green[:, :, 2] = 0
image_blue = image.copy()
image_blue[:, :, :2] = 0





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