One of my (many) 2023 plans is to add finishing touches to and make it available in some other format, too:

  • ebook only
  • self-published book
  • published via a publisher

My preference is the latter but publishers shy away from beginners’ books…

I’d need to spend time carefully pitching to them why I think it’s different from other books. Not sure I can justify time to do that

More thinking needed

In the meantime, the content is all there for beginners to enjoy, and many have done just that

@s_gruppetta Looks great on the first browse. Thank you for this great resource!

How does the philosophy that guided your book delineate from Allen Downey's "Think Python"?

Ooops...just realized that's your next challenge. If it helps, Think Python and Learn Python the Hard Way are my current go to as teaching and learning resources.

@lewischuang thank you. My philosophy is guided by my experience with teaching technical subjects, first teaching Optics to optometry undergrads, and then years of teaching coding to people of all ages (including kids). I think we all have our own styles of teaching. There’s no good or bad, it’s whatever works best for each learner.

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