Do you know the offside rule? Sure? To have some fun, I’m writing a quiz using Python’s turtle

This is what it looks like so far (and no, I’m not bothering with fancy graphics – life’s too short)

In this video:

  • you can see direction in which team is attacking from the arrows
  • each snapshot shows when player with the ball kicks the ball forward
  • program (hopefully) detects whether it’s offside or not
  • there are 15 (random) scenarios in this video

Still to do:

  • deal with when forward player is in own half (no offside)
  • deal with when forward player is the one with the ball (no offside)
  • turn into a quiz
  • write article for The Python Coding Book blog about it to document the code - there are some interesting aspects I’m using in the code that hopefully some will find useful.

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