Anyone who followed me on the other site probably knows my 7yo is getting super interested in making a game. She’s got a high level storyboard and Tim Schafer’s approval.

The latest book she’s excited about! It focuses on Scratch which I think might be a good starting point.

@jefframes Have you guys started coding yet? Or are you still planning stuff out?

Scratch is great! I think both my nephews had it at school. Not that they seemed to enjoy it but I really love how it looks/works 🙂

@f @jefframes Often, the problem with Scratch is that it’s overused and children get bored of it - and that age they may think Scratch = Coding so they think they’re bored of coding…

@s_gruppetta That’s not necessarily Scratch’s fault though, right? It’s just a matter of people not knowing how to make coding fun …

I think the ones my nephews loved the most were the games where the coding part was kind of hidden away. But I don’t think a lot of people understand how to do that 🙂


@f @jefframes It’s not Scratch’s fault, but it’s an unintended consequence that its overuse may be causing more harm than good, for some children, at least

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