Mastodon vs Twitter comparison

Yesterday I posted here and on twitter asking if I should do PyCon US in 2023 as a speaker. Results:

Twitter with 17.9k followers: 19 likes and 8 comments

Mastodon with 476 followers: 6 likes and 2 comments

What this tells me is that my reach remains greater on Twitter, but a greater number of my followers on Mastodon actually care.

This matches what others are experiencing.

@danielfeldroy But you need to take into account that 100% of your Mastodon followers are recent whereas I suspect most of the Twitter followers are not “recent” and will include dormant accounts

@danielfeldroy For example, although I don’t post the exact same content, I don’t see the same trend - way more people interact on Twitter than here to my posts - but I’ve only started tweeting in Apr this year, so all my followers (I had 308 in April) are from the last 6 months or so…

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