— Code Wars: Episode IV – The Language Wars —

Which is better? Java or Python or Javascript or C++ or Rust or Julia or …

You often see the language wars being waged on many fronts – books, online tutorials, and of course here on social media

Each language has its pros & cons, strengths & weaknesses

The reason there isn’t one language to rule them all (I’m mixing my fictional references!) is because all have or had a place

The language that’s best for one purpose may not be the ideal for another

Where do I stand on this?

Although you only ever see me post about Python, and all my current work is in Python, you may (or may not) be surprised to know that I won’t participate in this feud

Yes, I think Python is a brilliant language – and lots has been written elsewhere about this

But the “language A is better than language B” argument or the “language Z is rubbish” line doesn’t lead to anything fruitful. Ever!

So these childish debates are not for me, sorry!

Think of the programming language as a tool to achieve your objective. What matters is achieving your objective and not which tools you use

Of course, some tools are more suited for certain objectives…

On the other hand, if you know how to use one particular tool very well and want to use it for most of your tasks, there’s nothing too wrong about that, either!

Coming Soon: Code Wars Episode V

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