How to properly nest lists in HTML; in which nev tries to code (PHP) 

it was only this year I learned that the proper way to nest lists in HTML is


and not


which makes sense and all, but it is making things hard for me because I am trying to write a thing in PHP that generates a table of contents (a list of nested links) from a web page's headings, and I am having a DICKENS of a time. I figured out how to tell it to *start* a nested list, but I am having trouble figuring out how to close the containing </li> tags correctly. Especially in cases where the list goes from, like, <h4> to <h2>. Do I have to, like, nest the LOOPS too?

I do want to figure it out by myself but if anyone has dealt with this particular problem, hints would be welcome!

#html #php #codeing


@nev the closing </li> is optional unless you're doing xhtml or building <menu> with mixed content. if you have problems with them, just skip them

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