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The cowards from @torproject have limited replies to their pathetic call to cancel rms. Despicable leadership figures who are in charge of this important project should be removed from their positions.

@SuperDicq It's sad they haven't thought about it. It's relatively easy to do

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Pseudolocale Lib for PHP

I haven't found a good standalone pseudolocalization library for PHP so I wrote my own.
Or if you're using Symfony Components or you don't mind using huge libraries for simple tasks, there is one good alternative: PseudoLocalizationTranslator in the Symfony Translation Component since version 5.2.


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Trash Directory for Partition

If you have a separate user writable drive mounted, you may have encountered the same problem I had. If your DE cannot create .Trash-$uid, most DEs will not delete files to the trash at all and KDE will copy deleted files to your home partition. I find both behaviors frustrating.
The solution is rather simple: look at the spec and create the trash directory manually.
# for example, your drive is mounted to /media/external
# go to the drive root
cd /media/external
# create root owned .Trash
sudo mkdir .Trash
# make it world writable with a sticky bit
sudo chmod 1777 .Trash
Sticky bit is used for retaining control over your files in a publicly writable directory. Only the owner of the file can delete or rename it even if other users have write permission in the parent directory. This is a typical permission for /tmp. Read more

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PHP 8.0 Comparison Change

Another new thing in PHP 8.0 will be slightly less madness in non strict value comparison.
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