Quran teaches that there are two sides/parts of this world:

1) Rahmani/Rahmanic World / Right Realm
2) Shaitani/Satanic World / Wrong Realm

Side/Part 1)
Simple and naturally beautiful. Overall beneficial for this life and hereafter.

Side/Part 2)
Artificial and fair-seeming. Temporarily and outwardly beneficial for this life and complete loss of hereafter. Urdu / English

Normal understanding and interpretation of "Tark-e-Duniya"

Now it is clear that the normal meanings of the terminology "Tark-e-Duniya/Avoiding and Abandoning the World" and which Duniya/World one should avoid and abandon? Rahmanic or Satanic?

Roman Urdu:
Tark-e-duniya ka aam tor par matlab aur konsi duniya tark karna zaroori hai? Rahmani ya Shaitani?

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