Some knowledge and information from in English language: "Pork" 

Why forbids eating pork?

Because curses are realities and according to Quran, apes and pigs are former human beings

Curse of God also makes "Zombies":

➡ This -
➡ That -

Understanding the two lives and two deaths in with reference to

(1) their "life-1" in this world as a human being.
(2) then "death-1" changed their form.
(3) then they live "life-2" in this world with the changed form.
(4) Then they die the "death-2" which is the "departure" from this world to the other world/realm.

So when God cursed some Satans from human beings:

• Some of them became "Apes".
• Some of them became "Pigs".
• Some of them became "Slaves of Taghūt".

That is why eating pork is forbidden in Quran.

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