In all the world there is nothing more difficult than enduring the ridiculous. Suppose for instance that you have studied a certain book, corrected, amended, and fully recited it. Then someone sitting beside you reads the book all wrong. Can you endure that? No, it is impossible. However, if you never read the book, it makes no difference to you whether anyone reads it wrong or right—you cannot tell the difference. So, enduring the ridiculous is a great discipline.

— Rumi / Jalāluddīn Muhammad Rūmī


muhaqqiq ("verifier" or "fully realised") 

For Ibn 'Arabī this represents the highest category of the people of God (rijāl Allāh), the primary characteristic of all saints and prophets. The muhaqqiq is one who realises the true nature of all things and acts in accordance with that vision. As the Prophet said, "give to everything that has a haqq its haqq": thus the realiser discerns the nature of each thing's truth or reality or rightful place (its haqq), and behaves towards it in the best and most appropriate manner.

— Excerpt from ibnarabisociety.org/articles/m

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