Oh yea and all of this is hooked up to a chat bot that basically let's me press buttons to turn on /turn off servers at will :D

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After months my infrastructure migration of my game servers is finally done. Where I once had just a handful of ec2's floating around(everything done by hand) now I have:

* A full infrastructure managed by terraform
* Systems fully configured through ansible
* Automated Logging for all hosts
* 0 Elastic IP's established due to having Dynamic DNS(again setup through Terraform+Ansible)
* A full clone of the VPC in Vagrant

The only thing left is to setup a full Git ops pipeline but at least now I can use ansible commands to setup/update my systems really quickly.
Terraform now let's me setup whole new chunks of infra super easily
With some Gitops I can basically remove the need to do any of that myself and finally spin up new servers nearly instantly from any dev seutp(as long as I have my Git keys)

Doing a write up for all this is going take forever though :p

getting settled into new sre gig after freeing my self from startup land.

>enjoying the work
>good schedule
>work from home meme
>good pay

we're all gonna make it bros

I had no idea that git log --graph was a thing until today wtf

Had a real after setting up a new monitor my xorg.conf somehow borked and left me with 1 monitor again

Turns out xorg.conf can just be removed and then re-written from scratch with no issues

welp I'm now learning the hard way why it is that video streaming is actually really hard(or maybe just annoying).

Serving small video files is no problem however for large amounts of video data you basically have to send chunks at a time. Especially if you're planning on letting people seek to different parts in a video. 206 partial responses are great for this sort of thing but:

>rocket.rs doesn't have support for Range headers
>Nginx support for range headers is shoddy at best

I guess its time to write my own handlers for range headers wew

how I didn't know about calcurse until today I'll never know.

>reasonable interface
>reasonable keybindings
>data is saved as plain text
>terminal based
>detailed man page
>huge list of commands to easily script interact with

This probably won't take the place of my chalkboard but at least I have something that actually works well into my setup right now with basically 0 learning curve

Thinking about setting up my own Gitea instance, only problem is the lack of CI/CD.

I know some people use Drone but I'm wondering if that project is FOSS, I suspect that it is and has been mislabeled but I can't find anything on this.

Trying to back to my days of self-hosting a Git Server(only this time with pipelines)

I think I'm gonna start incorporating more wood into my tech related projects when I can.
Stats for the curious:

Akko CS Vintage Whites(Lubed)
Skyloong GK64xs PCB + Backplate*
KBD Fans 60% Bamboo case

Still waiting on a new backplate since the Skyloong one has a detachable spacebard piece which isn't currently mounted so its just wedged into place but it works for now.

Finally after 3 days of setting up a new infrastructure w/ terraform
all my pre-lim tests are passing which means I can finally move all my sites over to the new infrastructure

No more jank on my public projects

I refuse to stop using Makefiles. ESPECIALLY with Terraform, Like I just don't wanna type a massive command, and writing my own shell script is 2jank4me

>working from home
>quiet most days
>join teams meeting
>leafblower instantly turns on outside
every. single. time.

friendly reminder that Pandoc + Markdown is all you need to make nice looking documents

everything else is bloat

Finally getting some polish done on Clippable, better navigation and much better open-graph support.

The next big optimizations I want done is a reduction of file I/O and definitely proper media controls on videos(since I’ve never messed with those).

Still nice to see things come together though, I feel like I’m slowly getting permanently better at web stuff which is nice.

Anyway (not to shill muh site) but here’s my own Clippable server if you’re curious as to what this post is even about


So I made a streamable clone(although officially its a clip sharing site)

The difference is: you can self host this one! I'm figurin out packaging right now however I wanted to post about it in case anyone realized they had a need for something like this or not.

Here's the landing page:


rocket.rs is literally so close to being the perfect replacement for hyper in Freechat I can almost taste it.

>clean asynchronous route handler
>simple database pooling scheme
>route guards for simple authentication layer implementation

Once the asynchronous database pools are introduced I'm going to have a field day replacing hyper

Not saying its a bad framework but more that im bad at picking frameworks

am i falling for the typescript meme?
do i really care?
no typescript is kinda comfy actually. Having type annotations that aren't literally comments is really nice, being able to enforce some level of strictness/standard in code is also nice when dealing with working with other people

Lately I found myself having to verify that my open graph tags are actually available before pushing to the live server.
I've pushed up one to many commits where an image path has a typo and sites can generate an embed properly because of this.
To remedy this issue I've created a simple script that let's you test opengraph tags locally.

It's actually incredible how I've struggled to find a script that does literally this anywhere else


Just reached 1000 commits in Freechat which feels kinda weird when I read that number. Not because its signficant but because this is the longest standnig personal project I've actively maintained for two years now. Kinda proud of that fact, feels like its a real marker that I know how to dedicate to something.

Technical status of project:
Most of those are just working on the backend which at this point just needs a better permissions system for for websocket notifications and voice over IP. The permissions are next and once those are figured out all the required framework will exist for VOIP capabilites. After that I can consider the backend "feature complete".

Then I just need a frontend to actually use this stuff but I know nothing about UI/UX :thisisfine:
Gotta find some people to help me with that part

Shameless plugged links:
Project repo: gitlab.com/shockrah/freechat
API Reference: freechat.shockrah.xyz/

Time to rant about my career life:
>graduate with bachelors right as corona hits
>get internship (very) recently
>all I do is watch udemy videos
>sometimes get assigned a project to do but they're small day long projects
>current project is to install jira and jenkins on a vm

To say that I'm disappointed is a massive understatement.
The """work""" I do is easy enough and it's a paycheck but I'd be lying if I said I don't feel like I'm being wasted here; I can only I get something that I can't do while literally sleeping.

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