Same people who in the bull market complained that crypto is all about scammers and grifters, wonder why would anyone "stay in crypto now".

If being in crypto means playing with it only during bull markets you never were in crypto in the first place.

Just another gambling game.

Happy winter solstice! Longer days on the way :)

Information is code. Code is free speech. Free speech is freedom. ✊ Hello @Mastodon!

If you’re a fan of early internet history (ARPANET, BBS, Homebrew Computer Club) then I’d highly recommend this interview with Kevin Driscoll.

Listening to it, I realized how narrow my understanding of this history was. Local pre-packet-switched BBS, actual physical bulletin boards, other early networks-of-networks. All outside academia and run by hobbyists and moderated by volunteers. Lots of parallels with the Fediverse.

Check it out:


Been waiting for this one for a long time and it didn’t disappoint x


falling behind on my cs50 lectures 😭 not enough time in the day

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