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This is really cool. Check it out.
An interesting paper on humanity, in the midst of a giant wave of AI.

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I am SO excited to share that our paper 'Sensory strength distinguishes imagination from reality' is now published! It was a long process but I'm so happy with the result. With @smfleming.

See below for thread, code and data 👇

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When do confidence computations take place? In a new preprint, we find that single TMS pulses to DLPFC as early as 200 ms after stimulus onset affect confidence, challenging post-decisional theories of confidence. Work led by @Kai_Xue1201. 1/5

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It was a privilege and a pleasure to moderate this roundtable and to meet so many incredible science communication professionals doing great work in the Netherlands!

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I am looking to recruit a postdoc for my lab @ccnlab at UC Berkeley This is an NIH funded position, for a methods oriented project - we are looking for applicants with strong quantitative skills. Please forward to potential applicants!

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Could you land a plane if the pilot died?

A lot of men are convinced they could. I would have been among them if I hadn’t read this study and real pilots pointing out how entertaining the possibility is totally ridiculous.

Tomorrow's Brain Meeting will be given by

Studying mental health problems as systems, not syndromes will discuss systems perspective to mental health problems, and showcase new theories and methods to facilitate prevention and intervention.

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Proponents of 4 theories of consciousness battled ‘The Great Consciousness Debate’ at ASSC 25:
@StanDehaene (GNWT), @smfleming (HOT),
@melanieboly (IIT), @VictorLamme (RPT). With Lucia Melloni (@ncc_lab) and @Liad_Mudrik moderating the debate. NOW ONLINE:

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🚨Job🚨 Lecturer in Experimental Psychology (3-Year) This is a great opportunity for an early ish career researcher who wants to transition to a fellowship / PI position. Seeking people with interests / expertise in social evolution broadly defined.

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Finally job adverts for ERC project start May . ~2 PostDocs with Neuroimaging, modelling or neurostimulation exp. Positions for ~3 to 4 years, BUT possibility for productive Postdoc to apply for Inserm/CNRS permanent, tenured, research-only PI positions

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Today as the UK Govt launches its International Strategy we look back to our event last week. The jazzy music reflects the energy of the event! Let’s build on our 1700+ scientific collaborations

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Job alert! Looking for a biomedical design engineer to help us overcome the issue of motion in MRI. Highly collaborative opportunity to work in @UCLBrainScience with collaborators @DNeuroimaging, @clambert112358 and many others not on here. @WCHN_UCL

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We're looking for RA + postdoc to join us @EP_UCL @WCHN_UCL working on computational foundations of conscious awareness (see eg

Start date is flexible, deadline for applications is 5th April. Please RT!

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Here are the big takeaways from the @IPCC_CH Synthesis Report released today.

First, climate change has already caused widespread and substantial losses to almost every aspect of human life on this planet, and the impacts on future generations depend on the choices we make NOW.

Friday's Brain Meeting will be given by @EikoFried

'Studying mental health problems as systems, not syndromes' will discuss systems perspective to mental health problems, and showcase new theories and methods to facilitate prevention and intervention.

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Very interesting and readable paper summarising current situation w.r.t. LLMs and linguistics...

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Reminder, deadline this Wednesday for the open postdoc position in my lab examining the neural and computational mechanisms of motivation and decision-making:

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In my opinion by far the best image reconstruction from brain activity patterns out there. Not only good semantic reconstruction as in many of the current approaches but also nice fidelity of object position and scene layout.

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Just published in @eLife! This work was done with the amazing @neuro_kim @caswellcaswell & supremely talented co-first author @TomNotGeorge! TLDR? There's evidence hippocampus functions like a 'predictive map' - so how might this be achieved in the brain?

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New work with @NoonanMP @mscheuplein @SophieGGibbons out in @PLOSBiology : Neurodevelopmental changes in reward contingency learning during adolescence linked to lateral orbitofrontal cortex and the anterior insula. @OxfordWIN,
@MPC_CompPsych, @EP_UCL

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