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It’s an honour for us at @tcddublin to host the first Computational Psychiatry Conference this summer. Save the date 🗓️and please join us for a great meeting in Dublin! ☘️@PsychologyTCD @TCINeuroscience @brain_modelling twitter.com/xiaosigu/status/16

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New review! Multi-species synthesis of single-neuron, LFP, EEG & behavior from human & macaques. We propose a model for how brains achieve the remarkable feat of monitoring our own performance. @brooksfu_neuro @LabSchall @stevenerrington @AmirsamanSajad

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. One of my favourite quotes which speaks to the importance of self-awareness ‘O wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us!’ twitter.com/ukincroatia/status

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Love this link between mental navigation of problem spaces with spatial navigation! "We argue that the suddenness of insight can be related to the sudden emergence of place fields in the hippocampus."

Friday's Brain Meeting will be given by @MarWimber

'Tracking the reconstruction of visual memories in human brain and behaviour' will discuss the dynamic process of recall using analysis of electrophysiological and data🧠

Sign up⬇️

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New paper from the lab now on Cognition! "The presence of irrelevant alternatives paradoxically increases confidence in perceptual decisions" by @NicolasComay, Della Bella, Lamberti, Sigman, @gsolovey & Barttfeld. sciencedirect.com/science/arti short tread and free access link below⬇️

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How does the brain organize spontaneous behavior? Our latest (from the amazing @vulcnethologist @GillisDub @neurojaym), reveals a surprising role for dopamine as a teaching signal during free exploration, even without an explicit task or exogenous reward. go.nature.com/3we6BMS

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I just finished Reading in the Brain by @StanDehaene. It's a damn good book – here's my review 1/ amazon.com/Reading-Brain-New-S

In the discussion between the value of exploration and testing some researchers like to pose the two as opposites. I've often heard people say 'but think of the lucky discovery of penicillin'. In 'Advice to a young scientist' Peter Medawar dispells this specific myth, and with it the straw man opposition of exploration and confirmation. Chance favours the prepared mind.

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Another episode of @UCLBrainstories in the bag!

Coming soon - me & @smfleming discuss the Pope, sea urchins & Huntington's disease with Prof Ed Wild @UCLHD

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Interesting paper by Jinke Liu & @martin_a_vinck in @PLOSCompBiol. Applying "distance-of-distance" transformation to the pairwise distance matrix of high-dim data separates signal from noise, making all noise points (grey) cluster together. Impressive!


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My lab @ucl is looking for a postdoc to work on an @UKDRI funded cross-species project about neural circuits in early Alzheimer‘s, in collaboration w/ Ray Dolan @MPC_CompPsych, David Dupret @MRCBNDU, Nick Fox & Natalie Ryan @drcionucl. To apply please see: bit.ly/3ZrXNQS

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Excited to share that new work with @helleryeahz, @arossotto, @BrittJaso, Noah Kraus, and Rick Reneau is now published in @ScienceAdvances:

“Individual differences in naturalistic learning link negative emotionality to the development of anxiety”

(1/11) twitter.com/ScienceAdvances/st

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Just finished recording the next episode of @UCLBrainstories ... with @TobiasUHauser and @smfleming - should be out in a couple of weeks!

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Really looking forward to this. Thanks so much for inviting me! twitter.com/smfleming/status/1

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Woot woot!

Helen Barron @HelenCBarron
Stan Dehaene @StanDehaene
Cate Hartley @cate_hartley
Jay McCelland @JLMcCelland
Tim Kietzmann @TimKietzmann

...and many more speakers to come, all at this year's CCN in Oxford at the end of August. Book your diaries now! twitter.com/CogCompNeuro/statu

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New Research Fellow position @UCL_ICN & @DCAL_UCL leading longitudinal study of the role of visual language input in reading development in hearing children. Come and join us! Deadline 27th Jan. bit.ly/3ihx6xw

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