UOV created a new life form. As a spieces we're just ~80k years old. Where is god? What is our limit?

OMFG I found this wonderful goldmine of knowledge and then I came across this [pic related]

her name was Joy 🀣
I'm sure as fuck I DON'T want to find her ☒️

...what an irony...

I cant believe the first thing I followed on here is a @chucknorrisfacts [bot] πŸ™„ now wonder I'm single

Memory: The Origins of Alien [2019]
What a letdown. It doesn't add anything to already available 'making of' content. You better play with out cat instead of watching this.

early morning report from the federated timeline:
incest porn & hentai
asian uncomprehensible gibberish
food porn
Adolph Hitler anime opening HD anal
keyboard warriors straight from twitter
darknet creeps
cat posting bot
normie facebookcontent
some more anal
this place is bananas; smonky <3 free internet without moderation

Hello world πŸ¦‘
How ya doin?

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