Back on M after a few months' absence. What drama did I miss? Did bofa ever manage to break to the fediverse?

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A lazy Saturday morning, with croissants and sausages for breakfast. We seem to have run out of jam, so we're doing croissants with various sorts of marmalade.

These kinetics spectra always make me think of the trails left behind by movie fighter dogfights or the trackmarks from ground vehicle chases. Signals coming and going, and moving back and forth across each other

Eyy, should probably add and shoutouts to see if twitter's chemist community have started making their way over here yet

Following a living polymerisation by NMR. I've done plenty of these before, but there's still something slightly magical about watching the signal for the monomer shrink in real time as the polymer grows (time increases from bottom to top)

I have no idea how to productively interact with these people. I'm not going to shut up and so what I'm told, I've got no interest in attempting to cow them into accepting my authority (and probably couldn't), so all we're left with is suspicious co-existence and semi regular personality clashes.

Ugh, few things annoy me more than authoritarians locked into a perspective where every social interaction is a zero-sum game between a stronger and a weaker personality. I want to cooperate, can't we just be chill?

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Gruesome wounds! Ahhhhhhh! No!

— Rîsen Ralsodel, chief medical dwarf

Update: plugged the HDD into a Debian VM on my laptop, couldn't mount the drive, fsck'd it aaaaaaand… everything is fine and back where it should be!

Aaaah fuck, my raspberry pi seems to have crashed while receiving a file transfer and now the whole directory the file was going into has just vanished from the HDD. what the actual fuck, give me my movies back

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The most Free Software thing in my life right now is the built-in "fuzzy" mode for my system clock that says the (wrong) time in words

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One of the main reasons I hate living in the city is the sense that outside planned gatherings of friends, we're all atomised individuals doing individual things with no hope of commonality or solidarity. Bumping into people with random but real connections is a small but nice counterpoint to that

Went to a brewery for a few drinks with the labmates, and the guy pulling the pints recognised me from singing shanties at a different local bar. Maybe inner city areas can be communities after all (or at least encompass them)

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The main contradiction of liberal democracy is that it has largely been shaped through a history of various forms of illegal civil disobedience against entrenched power structures. Such civil disobedience is retrospectively seen as justified, and the people committing it are retrospectively seen as heroes. However, each successive generation is asked to believe that any further civil disobedience would be unreasonable.

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Needed some spare storage for file juggling, so I've dug two HDDs out of my old desktop that hasn't powered on since 2014. Both still work! So down the rabbit hple I go, spelunking through terabytes of misc files and low-quality movies…

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RT Submissions were due on Australia's radical #siteblock #searchblock #copyright laws today. See The has only allocated a week for the committee to read the submissions and report on this complex, radical bill! #auspol #auslaw


The one obvious major failing is that it doesn't really work with mobile devices that drop in and out of connectivity (seems like something that wouldn't be too hard to fix? Idk). But otherwise, the server/channel structure with no bells or whistles is just so good.

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