Should grants use a lottery approach? 🎟️

"Research shows that, barring a minority of outstanding projects, grant winners and losers are not decided by a precise and objective identification of worthy and unworthy projects. Instead, the luck of the draw — who reviews what proposal and the opinions they hold — generally determines these outcomes."

"It is excessively wasteful in terms of researchers’ time."

#sciencereform #macademia #metascience @academicchatter

POSTDOC POSITION. I have an open postdoc position to work on high temperature ceramics for Space Nuclear Propulsion at Oak Ridge National Lab. I would appreciate if you could share this post. For further info: #vacancy #postdoc #MaterialsScience #academicmastodon #ScienceMastodon #chemitoot

Hello (new) world! Guess I should do an #introduction.

I'm a #materials #chemist living and working in #cambridge. I did my #PhD on #defects and #formation of #MOFs (metal-organic frameworks, #porousmaterials) with the Grey Group in Cambridge, where I also got to see some cool #NMR and #battery #research #science.

Outside of work, I spend a significant amount of time #dancing #argentinetango but I also like #painting #baking #fencing and #gym.

Looking forward to meeting people here!

So here's an #introduction – NMR Solvent Peaks is an iOS, Mac, Android, and web application for easily searching through those impurities tables every organic and inorganic chemist has near the NMR. Created by @LucasCMoore, because he's bad at searching through tables.

Intro post: I'm a professor of #Biology at the #UniversityOfWashington. My training is in #EvolutionaryBiology, #BehavioralEcology, #PopulationGenetics, and #Epidemiology. I did lots of work in #Bibliometrics and #NetworkTheory. I teach #DataLiteracy. These days I spend a lot of time thinking about the spread of #Misinformation, the #ScienceOfScience, and #PhilosophyOfScience. I do a lot of #BirdPhotography and love #ravens, #crows, and all #corvids.

For your trouble, here's a perfect crow.

Hello world! I am a professor of ChemE and Materials @UCSB. I ❤️ polymer science and energy applications. The thing I love most about my job is panic reading to keep up with my amazing group! I tweet about science, my department, and whatever interests me (but not my kids…).

#introductions I'm a theoretical optical physicist who also tweets about politics, classic roleplaying games, and classic horror fiction at times. Wrote a book on the history and science of falling cats.

#introduction Hi! I'm Chris and I am heading the Institute for Molecular Modeling and Simulation at #BOKU in beautiful #Vienna. We use molecular simulations to study (bio)molecules. We like to develop new methods and apply these to all kinds of systems, from (glycosylated) proteins to soil organic matter. Free energies always seem to play a role.

# Introduction

Hi all, I am moving from the bird site and hope that I found my fediverse home on this server. I'm a #physics|ist working on improving #Climate models with #ai in the #usmile erc project (, especially interested in #gravitywaves. Also interested in #plasma physics, #quantumcomputing, #space, #opensciene, and much more. Views are my own. Looking forward to meeting great people here!

#Introduction Hi All, I'm a lecturer at a large Canadian university. I'm @SJDJ on Twitter. I'm not leaving there yet, but I thought I'd check this out as well, just in case everything goes to sh*t on Twitter. I'm not a big Elon fan. In fact, we're getting a new electric car and It's not a Tesla. 😀

I teach mostly first-year physics and also do my best to support teaching and learning at my U as an associate dean in the Faculty of Science.

Looking forward to meeting new people here.

Well, here are some #Introduction hashtags for folks to help find. I'm a #Museum #Curator in charge of #Birds, a #Conservation scientist, and #Queer af.

I often post about #Seabirds, #PlasticPollution, #MuseumCollections and my cat Webster.

This feed (hopefully?) echos what TheLabAndField[at]twitter is/was.

Remember to give communities time to sort themselves out. I've been here since 2017 and there's A LOT of new folks around. Patience & kindness.

#RealTimeChem has launched on Mastodon! Please follow us here and check out the hashtag for all your usual fantastic #chemistry content. #Chemiverse #ChemToots

@bmatb Hi, I am also here and happy to connect. The only label that I use is queer. I am doing computational materials science, love programming and walk a lot within Berlin.

Introduction time. 👋🏾 My name is Izzy. I’m a science nerd - working on a range of things including building microscopes, looking at living things, writing code and leading a talented team of researchers. I currently live in sunny Sheffield (🇬🇧. via 🇱🇰, 🇳🇿 & 🇦🇺 ) with my other half @JessGifkins whom i share so many passions incl Latin dance, social justice & the outdoors. As a 🏳️‍⚧️ woman of Asian descent, I also have a few things to say about Equality, Inclusion & Diversity… also Bounty chocolate.

Hey everyone, I think an #introduction is in order here!

My name is Sophie, and I am a #cognitivescientist and #psychologist working in the #science of #sciencommunication for the #energy transition. On the side a make a #sciencecomic on #psychology, #cognitivescience and #neuroscience called #psychoSoph! You can check it out in both German and English on my website ( or follow it here on Mastodon (@psychoSoph).

Nice to meet you all!

#science #scicomm #wisskomm

I will try and use this account to
- share some nice science (from us and other
- ask and answer questions about research
- explain some key concepts about my work (good #SciComm practice!)

Always happy to hear from people who want to know more, or who are interested in careers in #MedicinalChemistry or #DrugDiscovery

I’m on this Sci Comm server because I like to try to explain things to people with different backgrounds, but that doesn’t mean I’m good at it, so bear with me!

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Me, my research 

I’m a researcher in #MedicinalChemistry - I design and make chemicals towards medicinal application at the Institute of #CancerResearch.

One focus is on #TPD - targeted protein degradation, a relatively new area, where we aim to find molecules that dont just block the function of a protein, but wipe it out completely.

I believe sharing knowledge is absolutely critical to science (Here’s me trying some #scicomm at Pint of Science 2022!) - so ask me anything about #DrugDiscovery!

Hello everybody!
I am a computer scientist (PhD, 2019). My research interests are compressed data structures for large-scale indexing, currently (approx., since 1.5 years) with a major emphasis on Bioinformatics problems. Happy to chat about these problems; reach out if interested! Everything that I do is accessible from here:, including software/slides/papers. I am currently Assistant prof. at Ca' Foscari University (Venice, Italy). #introduction #CS #bioinformatics

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