Who here knows the song "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne? What about the gender-swapped parody "Stacy's Dad" by annapantsu?


I find it amusingly fitting that, when a woman got her hands on it, she added a touch more class to the lyrics by making her character 23 and swapping out things like "I know it might be wrong" for "It's actually pretty sad", giving a sense that the character is more self-aware, instead of just acknowlegding that *others* won't approve.


...speaking of which, I was originally introduced to the Fountains of Wayne song years ago by Fred Perry's "Misi's Mom" animation.

That guy is a drawing monster. He learned traditional animation so he could do his own OAV for his comic, Gold Digger.

He took down his original upload out of fear of the YouTube COPPA change, but you can watch it here:


...he also did that You Are A Pirate animation that made the rounds years ago.


The characters in that one are a crew of pirate-ninja leprechauns from Gold Digger.

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