It turns out there's an amusing anecdote behind the decision to split stdout and stderr:

@ssokolow 'Doug McIlroy also remembers that, amusingly, "the first technical paper that came off the C/A/T drew a query from the journal editor, who'd never seen a phototypeset manuscript before: had it been published elsewhere?" '

A friend of mine in college (English major) learned LaTeX and turned in a paper she wrote using it ... and had to defend herself against charges of having turned in a published work by producing the sources and making requested changes in real-time.

@elb @ssokolow and now if you (still) use LaTeX and are interviewed by a Unix greybeard you get brownie points :)

@ssokolow Next the systemd people will be arguing that since we no longer use phototypesetters, we should do away with stderr.

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