Hi everyone, I just tried Mastodon out since yesterday (I heard about it for a while tho).
I'm finishing my master degree in CS next year in France. I'm a FOSS enthousiast and a great fan of formal methods (in CS at least).

Short term: I'm learning Rust (for those into CS stuff you should definitly take a look at it if you haven't already) and doing a chess AI (a modest one compared to what we do today).

Medium term: Work and live for a while in China to learn about those guys, I think we still don't understand each other well enough.

Long term: try to improve the way we as humans interact with Big Data, AI and computers in general because I think that our usage is not sane yet (and especially for Big Data).

I didn't plan to introduce myself but I guess that's a kind of tradition. I'm looking forward to read and write interesting stuff with you guys 😀

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