Exciting week in California as the Senate and Assembly have until midnight Friday to decide on all of the legislation in front of them. After midnight, all legislation not heard will be discarded because a new legislative session starts fresh in December.

I just found The Hunt For Red October on Amazon Prime... This is one of my favorite movies from my youth. I am just now to the point of the movie where they are turning into the torpedoes, and sure enough I get pulled away TWICE and I nearly missed Vasily getting shot (spoilers). I, too, would have liked to have seen Montana, Vasily... I, too...

I am a project manager, Dad to six kids, and I have learned that my "Plan B" is almost always the right one.I also love to read and try to stay up on the latest in science and technology, but also love listening to old-time radio shows (I recommend Gunsmoke and Johnny Dollar as excellent, though the detective series Richard Diamond is also very good).

Hello -- I am Jeremy, and very new to Mastodon. I read through quite a few posts from different servers and loved the vibe of everyone in QOTO. I look forward to getting to know everyone better!

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