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hello world, posting from the terminal because it's pretty handy to journal from here!

2020 is the year of devops for me, started from Makefiles now I'm at kubectl.

Hoping MLops and data science field (especially in ASEAN) countries will make more impact in near future.

best method to "onboard" a new employee is to make docs 😹

pretty amazed how brave actually blocked any get request to a ngrok tunnel. everybody bert gang until deploying the model into production

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saying goodbye to pytorch hooks (not really tho), but it's pretty much straightforward that i can see the representation of an input within layers inside of a model with fastai2!

so i use singpoare's server in twitch, i always get overloaded encoder on my stream, meanwhile using any other server locatios, seems to be fine and have no trouble encoding my stream. hmm

done a custom form state management on streamlit, where no state is managed there. what a code stream lol.

with this growth rate of tflops, maybe in the next 5 years, scripts can out result even before running the actual script.

@svmihar persistent storage are linked to a syncthing-ed folder. now every pc is my pc, just one pull away.

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today i converted most of my python / bash script that install my configs to docker-compose.yml, now everything is a plug and play container. this feels like having a personal marie kondo, does this container leak ram?

lightgbm with optuna is something else.

impressed by the ram usage + cpu usage while idle. arcolinux + bspwm + polybar.

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i really wanted to move all my notes to this new zettelkasten method, like roam-research note taking, using the "vscode-foam", but i really miss "drawing" diagrams/forumulas/graphs on my paper notebooks. "drawing" these diagrams really paints the picture in my mind. rather than screenshotting of the browser / pdfs.

on the verge of changing lubuntu to manjaro xfce, really tired of this snap and canonical doing canonical things

nerdtree is god sent. anyone who says negative about nerdtree should upgrade their hardware.

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