There is a thin line,
Between poetical expression,
And the delivery of lies.
Sending purposeful words,
To those outside our eyes.

This is new. My first step, a flash of light, a simple seed. Small and stifled or a brilliant release. That's the thing with unclenching jaws, the thoughts can flow again. All this to say, I'm stopped.

I waited and waited until the unknown woman was in the right spot; I needed her as scale for you to see the size of the chevron folds.
Carboniferous rocks folded during the Variscan orogeny, in Millook Haven, #Cornwall
Been there three times, always in awe.
#FridayFold #Geology #photography #nature

Well-designed #animations can help #biology students focus on principles and processes rather than relying on rote memorization. @RosieRedfield &co present ‘candymation’ videos that show how and why #mitosis and #meiosis work the way they do #PLOSBiology

@walkingmoonraker I don't know a lot about cows, but I know this is my fave... the
*HeeLand Kew* (Scottish Highland?)
But I do own a book, to help identify cows.. when I pass the pasture.

As a newbie I have noticed that sheep feature heavily on here but I have not seem many posts featuring #Cows #CowsofMastodon

Job: Plant-Pollinator Database Specialist - USA 

#job #ecology
Seeking a #plant or #pollinator #ecologist to collaborate with #USDA Natural Resources #Conservation Service National Plant Data Team, researchers, and other partners to develop a database of plant-pollinator #interactions.

fully remote position (in the #usa


I saw some Green Elf Cup (Chlorociboria aeruginascens) the other day. Usually these small fruiting bodies are rarely seen, but this fungi stains wood blue/green which can be spotted easily.

Flooded path near Lower Rouge River after winter storm. Storm water regularly overwhelms Ypsilanti, Michigan's sewage treatment and leads to partially treated sewage flooding the river. Climate change has already increased the number of severe rain events in Michigan, and flood inducing rain events are expected to become still more common.

(Link to monochrome version of image on my art-focused mastodon in comments).

#winter #photograph #nature #cop27 #ClimateChange #michigan #RougeRiver

There was a convo on another site about a #photojournalist admitting they didn't know anything about their camera, yet still won some awards.

This group couldn't understand this. But photojournalism isn't about being technically good.

There is a saying: "F/8 and be there". This basically says: set your camera to something safe and be there, be in the moment, and photograph what matters.

If you're new to photography, don't be afraid of Auto mode. Focus on composition and capturing the moment!

Mastodon is is the 5th or 6th social media platform I've engaged with in a serious fashion, but it's been awhile since I had to start a profile from scratch. In the process I have relearned the one constant truth of all social media -- until you have accumulated at least 300-400 connections, the flow of information is going to seem skewed and limited, and you are going to wonder whether it is worth your time and effort.

Thus, echoing what others have said, you need to do more than just set up a profile and lurk, thinking an algorithm will direct information your way. You need to peruse the "Following" and "Follower" lists of people whose contributions you find interesting, then connect. Start with your local server and its Group and Profile directories (much easier to do from the web instance). Look for people you have followed on other platforms, and then look through their connections. The distributed nature of the fediverse (the so-called siloes that seem to cause a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth from people still clinging to twitter) can make it a bit more difficult to find and connect to people quickly, but patience will be rewarded. Take the time to dip into other people's timelines, and connect to those that maintain interesting and active feeds. You will quickly notice a perception of increased 'quality' in your newsfeed once you have a few hundred links.

Everyone talks about how tiktok destroyed youth but no one talks about Tiktaalik; who is responsible for every problem.

"Evolution of Tree Roots Triggered Series of Devonian Mass Extinctions"

... wait, what!?

So the hypothesis is that rapid plant evolution, and specifically, the fast development of roots massively increased the flow of nutrients (especially phosphorous) from land to the oceans, messing up the ecosystem in the latter (->

This study ( found evidence that supports this hypothesis.

#Science #Biology #Geology

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