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I just published The almost complete guide for COVID-19: susceptibility and adaptation.

Borre el archivo y todavía lo necesito 🫠

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Not sure if many of you are in my homestate of #Wisconsin, but we have a huge new update on #COVID19 in wastewater, and it shows infections are exploding in the state. We're almost at the highest rate of COVID infections in two years, and we're still probably four weeks from the peak of this surge. This is based on preliminary data (in the gray bar at the right), but if that continues, we'll be at the second-highest rate of COVID infections of the entire pandemic within a week.

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"Hey, Siri, show me what happens when you let a mutating virus reinfect people repeatedly, damaging their immune system." #COVID19

I guess that when wealthy people can't enforce their will something breaks inside of them.

I did it, reached rank 1000 🥳🥳🥳🥳.

Only 9 points away from rank 1000 and two notebooks on the making. Definitely within reach, let's see how far I can push it for this year 🐱

100 notebooks 🥳, only 30 places away from the goal. 🐱

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New medal and climbed another 10 positions only 40 away from the goal 🐱

Got catchy name for the new project 🐱

Last notebook already up, competition notebooks will be next but it will take at least two weeks before I made them public. Pretty much it's going to be the same idea but different data.

Climbed another 10 positions and the next notebook is almost done. That will be the last non competition notebook at least for a while.

Didn't move up or down on the leaderboard, it was quiet. But I almost finished the new notebook, so hopefully tomorrow will be up.

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