Watched the BBC Horizon "Are Video Games Really That Bad?" episode last night (

I've played my share of violent video games, so I had a feeling the link between violent video game playing and actual violence was bunk.

The so-called "addictive" nature of video games is no joke. It only took a few very negative experiences of losing myself in a video game for hours-on-end when I was younger to make myself acutely aware of time spent playing.

On the other hand, I think there's a lot to be gained from playing video games. I think it makes you smarter in numerous ways.

I have found balance in playing multiplayer Terraria for 1 hour, twice a week with my kids.

I like to switch it up with the game every so often, and Terraria is getting a little stale. If anybody has any recommendations, I'm all ears.

Other multiplayer games we've played and enjoyed: Minetest, 1st person shooters, Factorio, Open Red Alert.

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