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RT @ejhudson: This ALDO doc (“Amazing Lesson Design Outline”) from @mguhlin @TCEA is a helpful, usable primer on research-based classroom strategies with tons of links. Wish I had this my first year(s) of teaching. docs.google.com/document/d/1I9

Reindeer eyes change color in winter to help them see in the dark. An interesting story about the tapetum lucidum.

Did you ever notice students have their own interests and motivations, and that many are not as enamored with your curriculum as you are? I have... and those are the students we must work the hardest to engage with interesting problems and questions.

In yet another Winter Shorts episode, discusses his experience with Pre-Tests as a learning tool—not simply an assessment tool. It works like magic!

In Episode 128, one of our "Winter Shorts," we review nine (or is it TEN?) simple things we can do to help our & students learn the .

In Ep 127, you'll hear about the role of platelets in immunity, how the Golgi apparatus gets its weird shape, exactly how hot mitochondria get, and why we may want to consider marking student work with a green (not red) pen.

This one's been percolating. My latest bit of writing:

"I thought I was doing the right thing by eliminating structures that seemed oppressive. I’ve since learned that the effects of burning the place down can present problems for students who need anti-oppressive structures, as opposed to no structures at all."

#Ungrading #CriticalPedagogy


@freemo they (mitochondria) certainly are (powerhouses of the cell)! And are involved in everything the cell does.

People seemed to like my last #introductions image

Have a video version of my #research I've been involved in - understanding how blood flows around the blood vessels of the human #placenta in #pregnancy

Come say #hello

#anatomy #physiology #Medical #medicine #new #news #academic #lecturer #science #scitwitter #scitoot #medicine

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