(dream of Doctor Octopus before he became a villain, controlled fusion using lasers but this time it's non-fictional the technological first step achievement is real not simulated nor computational ooopppsss sorry)
The yield surpasses the criteria for ignition established by the National Research Council in 2007. By other measures, such as the amount of energy deposited on the fuel capsule—around 250 kilojoules—the gain, or Q, is around 10, says Michael Campbell, who led NIF construction until 1999. Yet the amount of fusion energy from the record shot amounts to just 1% of the 300 MJ from the grid that’s required to power the 192-beam NIF laser, Herrmann says. Thus, although the lab’s achievement is a significant step, inertial fusion is still a long way from becoming a viable energy source.

(Prof. Matt explains the vast difference between using fission and fusion nuke energies)
other materials inside, will become radioactive over time, and will have to be disposed of with care, as with any radioactive waste. But it’s still vastly safer than a fission power plant, such as are widespread today. Why?
... And third, mining for uranium is bad for the environment (and uranium itself can be turned into a fuel for nuclear weapons.) Mining for hydrogen involves taking some water and passing electric current through it. Admittedly it’s a bit more complicated than that to get the deuterium and especially the tritium you need — the tritium be obtained from lithium, which does require mining — but still, less digging giant holes into mountains and contaminating groundwater with heavy metals.

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