From Team :

"Today we announce a first in history - striking an operational /#ML () model, in addition to a /#ICS!
This is Op.Neutrino, an electrical counterattack against , , and now, it's story is here

At 17:00 local time, we assumed control over an
belonging to the DK Port substation. Timing was chosen to match peak usage hours. In addition to controlling power supply, it was supplying data for Rosenergo's FLISR fault

From the controller, we successfully fed bad data into the FLISR model, via the connected sensors. Then, we nuked it!
Every attack against will be avenged, every model will be corrupted! 🇺🇦☢️👊

One last message: if you enjoy reading about our operations, I would like to ask you to donate at

We have been self funded for the entirety of this war, but it isn't enough for the equipment we need for war. Anything you can spare helps! Thank you :) "


Russia is getting back to the stone age - it's really a never-been-seen-before level of sophistication and federation of civilian actors . the talent here is huge, the security here is the importance of bringing consequences to the invaders while eroding their misplaced belief in the exceptionalism of their security will start to get folks thinking, let's hope.

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