I first started using cookup.ai specifically to make a disease appropriate Recipe Generator for my wife that has issues namely . So this recipe is for no-iodine recipes , and it’s not perfect so make sure you specify which ingredients have iodine in them if you see one pop up that shouldnt be there. Here’s one of the first versions that proposes a “california-style buddha bowl” : cookup.ai/o/7-low-iodine-diet- looks tasty ! but i’m not sure on if it contains or not, it really depends how it’s prepared with that kinda stuff ! Here’s one for the recipe generator as the versions improved : cookup.ai/o/low-iodine-diet-re there’s a whole with pretty interesting for any of the day plus ingredients. Here’s another from more recently : cookup.ai/o/low-iodine-diet-re and another output that gave much better cookup.ai/o/eggs-dairy-contain i’m always interested in ways to make this one better so tell me which version of these you liked best because they’re quite different ! I’m actually a big fan of using for cooking, it can come up with fantastic recommendations so another cooking app i made is more for the : cookup.ai/o/festive-meal-for-s that’s a festive meal for 6 thanksgiving style with seasonal ingredients from spring time. The aspect i really like, plus these are a bit more advanced. Check out the app here : cookup.ai/o/festive-meal-for-s it’s meant to be a bit more permissive to do go for it with the prompts ! Here’s an example for a christmas flavored three course meal : cookup.ai/o/meal-suitable-for- i had in mind adults with the spices but you might ant to try it out for kids and infants’ meals if you’re a . There’s a lot more to it though, what if to you and you need a , well i had you in mind with this one : cookup.ai/o/im-tj-from-france- here’s an example for @taranjeetio because i made that app on @cookupai while talking to him on the phone. Basically they give context about their folks and their goals and it will give otu free meal plans you can use immediately. check it out here : cookup.ai/a/nutrition-meal-pla I have other specifically fitness for you below too ! First i wanna tell you about salad maker : sometimes you know you’re making a salad . This ham and cheese salad is pretty straightforward but hey : cookup.ai/o/ham-cheese-bread-r you can use the app and make your own here : cookup.ai/a/salad-maker-9hjtc9 but if you really go crazy with the prompts it could be a fun one : cookup.ai/o/i-want-a-mauritian . I would be lying to you if i told you that i made the salad generator before the hamburger generator. I always have had a special affinity for the as we have all havent we ? Here’s an output for with Honey Mustard Glaze : cookup.ai/o/pork-hamburger-gen you can generate your own here : cookup.ai/a/hamburger-generato as always, try to go crazy with the prompts it always works out nicely : traditional hamburger with crunchy onion and thousand island sauce cookup.ai/o/traditional-hambur i also made one for make sandwitches check it out : cookup.ai/o/jeune-pousse-depin as you can see it totally works in even though it’s impossible that a french person would make a in check out the sandwitch maker here : cookup.ai/a/sandwich-maker-u2g 這道菜融合美國食材和北京風味 i made one in chineese : cookup.ai/o/write-entire-re-ct cool right? Honestly i grew up with few if any access to processed foods or deserts and candy etc, naturally this created a need for me to generate the most possible cookup.ai/o/ice-cream-sunday-w basically it’s a mash up of and massive ideas check it out : cookup.ai/a/desert-maker-ka03p i also made a more refined app for truly cooking that provides -style recipes and meal plans : cookup.ai/o/only-desserts-menu just give context , some ingredients and flavors, maybe describe the event a little , make a mood board and see the output of your prompt . Here’s a meal for six french-style : cookup.ai/o/meal-for-six-tradi check it out here : cookup.ai/a/cuisine-n5ybpykj/

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