I just love how this business person is insisting on use cases with programmers who insist on (badly written) user stories and (badly written) story maps:

"I need to make prioritization for the features , so we agreed on making user story mapping. I started doing it but I don't know how will I get back to the use cases as the stories on the board are bulky (not sliced in the perfect way I learned with you)"

> i'll bet their story map is pretty badly done. People mess these up badly, especially programmers, if they did the story map without proper training, will make a mess

"I told them I will still write use cases because this is where we keep the business."


I love that. Have never heard that phrase before, it's a keeper.

Business people, protect your business from badly written story maps and user stories, use cases serve the execs, the business people, the tests, the documenters best.

Totally loved this view.

and ... "Use the use cases to keep your head straight" :) heh.

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